Crew2004 2004 was a much better year than our first even though we were washed away by the remnants of a hurricane at the Rockland Jazz and Arts Festival. The booth was permanently assembled and transported by special trailer so traveling was easier. Also added was a high volume coffee machine.
Our crew: TerraNova Sadowski. Monique Trundy, Brittany Smith and Janis Kay. Tom Sadowski not pictured. Also assisting were James Cummons and Mike Cummons.
2005 Was the first year of the American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront. We were the closest booth to the dance tent and occasionally had to step out to polka.
Our Crew: Alexandra Walker, Monique Trundy, TerraNova Sadowski and Janis Kay. Not pictured are Joan Anderson who stepped up with her baking skills and Tom Sadowski who has no baking skills but still puts out a mean fried donut.
crew2006 2006 found us in a new location at the American Folk Festival near the railroad stage. We missed being next door to the music but the trains were impressive as they went by.
Our crew: Monique Trundy, James Cummons, Annie Henderson, Mike Cummons and Tom Sadowski. Not pictured is Janis Kay.

2007 was they year that we tried the Hope Jazz Festival. The 3 inches of rain there were impressive. Pictured are Lorraine Naga (she was also part of our original 2003 crew), Tom Sadowski, James Cummons, Janis Kay, Mike Cummons and Jen O'Jala. Steve and Barbara Drumheller also let a hand in Hope.

Full Circle Crew 08

In 2008 we decided to appear at the WERU-FM Full Circle Summer Fair with a small crew. Left to right are Lorraine Naga, Janis Kay and Tom Sadowski. The big air show at the Brunswick Navel Air Station ignored our application and we stopped trying to get into the Maine Lobster Festival. Afterwards, WERU announced it would no longer hold the annual Full Circle Summer Fair.

Also in 2008, Dangerous Donuts was again at the American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront. This time we were located on the road to the dance tent. Pictured left to right, rear row, is Halina Nawrot, Sara Stalla, and Tim Lawrence who operated the cash register and really enjoyed insulting the customers. Tim is from Tasmania where insulting customers is a national pastime. Front row has Tom Sadowski on the left, then Janis Kay (Donut queen of 2008) and finally Jack Thompson.

2008 Folk Fest Crew
  2009 might be the year we are finally accepted to the Rockland Lobster Festival but since we gave up applying to this apparently exclusive club, chances are slim.