2003 Booth
Our original booth at the 2003 National Folk Festival in Bangor Maine was close to the dance tent. This was the 2nd year that Bangor hosted the Folk Festival.
  Top View Robot
After the batter is mixed, it is poured into the donut robot. This machine forms the donuts, drops them in the hot oil, fries one side and then flips them to fry the other side while all the while moving them along toward the end of the line.
Danger Graphic
The donut robot drops two donuts into the hot oil at one time then another two to the side so that up to four donuts across can travel down the machine's conveyor. The donut robot is very finicky and if not tended to just so, it will attempt to mangle the donuts. When angry it will lash out and try to burn the operator.
Robot Output
The operator keeps an eye on the donuts as they fry because as soon as his back is turned the donuts become unruly and start fighting. Sometimes three donuts gang up on one and push it out of the way so that it doesn't get flipped. This playful maneuver has its dark side when the bullied donut gets caught in the flipper and held under the hot oil for extended periods. Unsupervised donuts also tend to run with scissors.
Donuts leave the machine and are coated by hand with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar while they are still hot. This sweetens them up so they are ready for consumption, primarily by Americans. (We once had a Canadian at a festival beg us to take her Canadian $5 bill because no other vendor at the fair would take her money. We did because she really needed a donut. That was before the American dollar hit an all time low against Canadian currency. I bet those other vendor regret it now that the tables have turned in the currency markets!)
The donuts are served in a paper tray with 12 to 14 donuts per tray. There is also a jumbo tray available but since it's a secret, few customers ask for it. Does America need a jumbo tray of Dangerous Donuts?
Now that you know, you too can wrestle with the question.
Donuts in Tray
Janis Serving Janis Kay sugars and servers up the donuts as they come off the line. She has sugared thousands of donuts and she is the very best at this job. She actually is quite fond of the job but the recurring donut nightmares are starting to get to her.
The donuts go very well with our coffee which is roasted in Rockland, Maine at Rock City Coffee.
Mike Cummons (left) takes donut orders.
A night time view of the booth at the 2007 American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine.
Night Shot