422 Booth

In 2003, the Camden Doughnut Company first set up a booth at the National Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine near the dance tent. Ever since, people have been looking for us to get those fresh mini donuts that deliver the pleasure and satisfaction that you can only find in a fresh Dangerous Donut.

Warm Donuts

People look for us in Camden but we are not located there. We have only two locations: Our portable donut booth which can be found at random major events throughout the State of Maine and at this web site.Of course you can't get a donut at this web site.


Our Donut Robot can crank out about 50 Dozen delicious mini-donuts every hour. These are made on site from a spicy cake batter. The hot donuts are then coated with a cinnamon - sugar mixture before being served up in a paper tray.

Caution Hot Coffee

The Camden Doughnut Company is equipped to cater to very large crowds. Attendance at the American Folk Festival typically runs well over 100,000 people.
We can make 20 gallons of coffee every hour.

Donuts Small
Scratch and Sniff here to get an idea of what really fresh donuts can do for you. Or, you can just get an idea and skip the scratch and sniff.

Why are they called Dangerous Donuts?
Hover your cursor over this spot • as you reach over and press the reset button on your computer to find out why. Or, click here.


Do you need a doughnut vendor?

If you are planning a large event chances are you need a doughnut vendor. If you are planning a very large gathering of 10,000 people or more in the State of Maine then you don't need just a doughnut vendor, you need Dangerous Donuts.
Please contact Tom Sadowski for more information.