El Cariso Hot Shot Crew Logo Redesign by Tom Sadowski

You have to understand that this duck has been through a lot. Over the last 50 years that the crew has been in existence, the poor duck has been re-drawn and recreated by any number of fire crew members that were recruited to create some unique art for the crew. The duck has been on t-shirts, hard hats, decals, fire trucks, bumper stickers, commemorative plaques and shirt patches. Every time it is used it is re-created which is good because it gives the duck personality. Most recently the duck has been portrayed coming through a patch of bamboo, angry with guns ablaze. That is fine. Gives the duck something to do. However, sometimes the duck gets fat, or just plain goofy looking and it is time to bring him back to some decent standard.
This is my attempt to celebrate 50 years of the El Cariso Hot Shots and give the crew a decent duck that they can come back to whenever the duck looses its way.

Some older iterations of the good duck:

RupturedWeb Goofy 07Sticker

And Now the Redesigned Version:

Plus Two 50 Year Tribute Logos:

Duck3a        Duck4

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