Graphic Art

by Tom Sadowski

Most of my graphic art is found in front of store displays and at point of purchase counters announcing sales and discounts. Other projects allow more creative expression.
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Dance1 A Fourth of July Street Dance poster for the Camden Downtown Business Group (Camden, Maine). 11x17 Inches.
Dance2005 This poster was made for a summer dance at a fire station that was to show the support of the local business community for the local High School Class of 2007. Beware future dance planners: High School kids don't show up at this kind of thing. I do like the fire hose as a timeline and the reference to a popular song that the fireman shouts through his megaphone.
8 1/2 x 11 Inches.

King Pirogi is probably the only polka band in Maine's mid-coast area. It might be the only polka band in Maine. When Surroundings teamed up with the Camden Parks and Recreation Department to present them in concert, for free, I produced a series of posters to promote this great event. I like the old time feeling of this piece. 11x17 Inches, #1 in a series of 3.
Check out the King Pirogi web site for yourself.

FirehouseDance2006 The Firehouse Dance 2006 poster has a very hot feeling suitable for a summer dance event. He wasn't busy so I used the same fireman from the earlier poster. Anyway the dance was at the same firehouse. I like the couple in the spotlight but putting all of the event info coming out of the megaphone was the best idea.
11x17 Inches.
Pirogi2 This is the 2nd in a series of 3 posters for the King Pirogi polka concert in Camden's (Maine) Wednesdays in the Park Series of performances. The band's logo is not my design but it works in nicely with the other elements. Notice how the poster's reference to "Dude" invites the younger generation to experience an old fashion musical form. The concert was great but no "Dudes" showed up as far as I could tell.
11x17 Inches.
Pirogi3 What could possibly be more fun than a Polka Invasion? Number 3 in a series of 3 posters.
11x17 Inches.
So here is your Camden's Nostalgia Weekend, run of the mill, cheap, promotional poster: 2 color, lots of text and most often, short deadline. It works.
11x17 Inches.
Pirogi5 King Pirogi hosted a "Saturday Night Special" polka dance event at the Waldo County (Maine) YMCA. This is a poster promoting that event. Lots of words but the graphic design comes through.
11x17 Inch.
Midsummer The Belfast Maskers performed a few scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Camden Amphitheater to promote their complete performance in Belfast, Maine. Since they have a tradition of hanging posters from all of their performances at the theater, I produced this piece after the fact, to make sure the tradition wasn't broken. The theater people are a fun but very superstitious lot. I like how the stars work themselves into the type.
11x17 Inch.

The snow man was drawn by one of the high school students; I have this technique for taking original art -even crude drawings, scanning it in and then enhansing it through various art programs and it comes out looking quite professional. It made for a fun poster.
11x17 Inches

Other Fun Graphics

I spoke to an art class in Virginia about being a professional photographer. I snapped a photo of one of the girls in class and created this mock-up magazine cover just to show the class what can be done with a small camera, some imagination and Photoshop.
Metachlorian Invasion
My daughter has always been a Star Wars fan. I made this poster visualizing her as a Jedi in the next Star Wars movie: Metachlorian Invasion.
Stamp During the Lincolnville, Maine Bicentennial Celebrations, the call went out for a rubber stamp design that our local post office could use to cancel stamps and commemorate the anniversary. This is one of a series of designs I submitted that I thought were quite funny. Of course none of my designs were accepted. And yes, I know of the error in the design - it's part of the joke.
The El Cariso Hot Shots are one of the US Forest Service's best fire fighting crews. They are based in Southern California out of the Cleveland National Forest. Their "Ruptured Duck" logo was in bad need of an upgrade for their 50th anniversary in 2008. I polished him up and here is the result.

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