Map Detail

Ducktrap River
Lincolnville, Maine

Watershed Perimeter: 35.1 Miles
Watershed Area: 35.3 Square Miles.

The map on the left, which may typically be printed on 11x17 inch paper, will appear to have an adequate amount of detail to the user in the field. However, if you simply enlarge the map, little additional detail is obtained. Resolution is not being increased. Only the pixels that make up the map are getting large. The result is a larger map that has no additional information as in the illustration below.

In order to get additional detail, it is best to have the software that originally created the map.
The map below covers about the same area as the map above but it contains a great amount of additional useful information. This map was produced by overlaying the watershed boundary onto the maps in Delorme Topo USA software. Maps with detail even greater than what is shown here are easily generated with the Delorme software.