It's All Very Simple:
We will map your watershed for $20 per mile of perimeter.
You will receive a topographic wall map of your watershed and a high resolution (600dpi) jpeg file of the map. A text file containing the latitude and longitude of every plotted point of your watershed boundary is also included. Our maps can be even more useful in combination with the software and GPS hardware explained below.

How Its Done:
WatershedMapping.com determines surface runoff direction to define a watershed. Topographic map data is interpreted to determine slopes and watershed perimeter. Our maps indicate the boundaries for surface runoff only.

Is WatershedMapping.com A Large Scary Company?
No. WatershedMapping.com is basically one guy in Maine with a degree in forestry and a knack for interpreting topographic map data. He gets qualified help when the need arises.

How To Get Started:
Email to let us know who you are and just where in the United States your watershed is located. Don't forget to include contact names and addresses. We will look over your watershed and give you a perimeter estimate which should give you a fairly good idea about how much it will cost to map it. Once we get the go-ahead along with a 25% deposit, we will start mapping and get the final product to you as soon as possible. Depending on other projects, expect about a week per 100 miles of perimeter; less for larger projects, more for flat terrain.
Use This Link to send us Email.

But why stop there?
For an additional $100:
Purchase Delorme's fabulous Topo USA 7.0 software and work with your watershed map on your own computer.
We will send you a file of your watershed perimeter that will appear as a drawing overlay on the software's topo maps.

Enjoy incredible mapping detail of your watershed area on your computer
Zoom in on areas of interest
Send maps via e-mail
Print detailed maps of small areas for field studies
Make annotations, add local roads, embed images and locate resources on any topo map of the US

Download aerial photos or satellite images of your watershed area and superimpose over your watershed maps
View your watershed map as an aerial oblique in 3-D mode


For an additional $250:
Purchase the Delorme Earthmate GPS PN-20 Deluxe Bundle (with Topo USA software included) and enjoy all of the features listed above with with Delorme's Topo USA Software plus the benefits of a field GPS unit.

We will pre-load your watershed boundary data into the GPS unit so that you can use it in the field straight out of the box
Download and overlay USGS Quads, NOOA nautical charts, and satellite images right on the screen of your GPS
Mark way points and create annotations in the field right on the GPS device
Use it to navigate anywhere; as good on the road as it is off road.
Exchange way points, tracks and routes between your computer and the Delorme Earthmate GPS PN-20

Visit www.delorme.com for more information on the Earthmate GPS PN-20

How accurate are our maps?
We are confident that our watershed boundary maps are generally accurate* within 500 feet (+/- 500 feet). There is variation for three main reasons. First, map data can be interpreted in different ways and decisions regarding the boundary of a watershed can vary slightly. However we find that interpreting the same map data a number of times usually results in a variance of under 300 feet. Field checking map data is the best way to confirm accuracy. Our field checks usually confirm that we are within the 500 foot margin of error. Second, man made obstructions to surface water flow often do not show up on maps and when they do, they offer no clue as to the extent that they affect water flow. Finally, data varies from map to map. Even though the Delorme Topographic maps we use have a contour interval of 10 feet, the contours vary from the USGS 7.5 minute quadrangle series. We can map your watershed using the USGS 7.5 minute maps for an additional fee.
Hilly or mountainous topography generally renders a watershed boundary more accurately than does relatively flat terrain.
If your field checks discover any glaring errors in our maps, we will work with your observations to make corrections.
* Click here for more information and illustrations on accuracy.

How detailed are our maps?
The detail of the map that we supply with our basic service depends on the size of the watershed. A map representing 100 square miles will display 10 times less detail than a map of the same size covering 10 square miles. Our maps are presently printed on 17"x22" paper at 600 dpi. We can print enlargements of any area of your watershed for an additional fee and detail will increase as the scale of the map decreases.
To get all the possible detail available, and to print you own map or detailed sections of your watershed, purchase the Delorme Topo USA 7.0 software ($100) and benefit from all the features this software has to offer. See the discussion above about Delorme's Topo USA 7.0 software and Click Here to see the difference in detail between a standard map and the maps you can generate yourself with Delorme's Topo USA 7.0 software.

Examples of Mapped Watersheds

Ducktrap River Watershed, Lincolnville, Maine
Israel River Watershed, Lancaster, New Hampshire
Mill Brook Watershed, Searsport, Maine
Megunticook River Watershed, Camden, Maine

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