Megunticook River

Camden, Maine

The Megunticook River watershed is unusual because of the Hobbs Pond Anomaly. Hobbs Pond, on the south west flank of the Megunticook River watershed actually drains into Lake Megunticook via a brook which exits at the northeast corner of the pond while the southern tip of the pond simultaneously drains into Fish Pond (and the St. George River watershed).
During a field check in December, 2008, it was noted that approximately 3 to 4 times the volume drained toward Fish Pond as compared to the flow toward Lake Megunticook but it was also noted that either drainage could easily become obstructed resulting in greater flow at the unobstructed outlet in a short period of time.
Because the Hobbs Pond watershed supplies water to both watersheds mentioned above, it has been mapped separately. The perimeter and area for the Megunticook River Watershed is thus stated below inclusive and exclusive of the Hobbs Pond watershed.

Watershed Perimeter:
   31.7 Miles including the Hobbs Pond watershed
   29 Miles excluding the Hobbs Pond watershed
Watershed Area:
   33.9 Square Miles including the Hobbs Pond watershed
   30.84 Square Miles excluding the Hobbs Pond Watershed

Northeast Drainage
Shown above is the brook which drains Hobbs Pond from its northeast corner. Hobbs Pond can be seen in the background. Photo made 12/28/2008.

South End
This is the site of a bridge between Hobbs Pond and Fish Pond where the water draining from Hobbs Pond is channeled through a culvert under the road (on left). The view is northeast, towards Hobbs Pond. Photo made 12/28/2008.

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