The Tom Sadowski Support Group

All Right, It's Not So Much a Support Group as it is a List of Guys

Browsing the Web over the past several years I have noticed that there are a lot of people out there with the Name Tom Sadowski. Can you believe that people are going around living their entire lives using the same name? At last here is a way to keep all your Tom Sadowskis straight. If you are indeed a Tom Sadowski, send me an e-mail with your name and at least a middle initial, your town and occupation. If you're not squeamish about excessive privacy throw in your age and picture. Just send as much info as makes you comfortable and I will post a table here with the information to our collective horror -and for all of our amusement. And please, don't send resume and biographies. I'm just a guy filling in some data on a table.
As a final note, I just recently put this site up so the list might be a bit short. Tell all the Tom Sadowskis you know.

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Thomas J. Sadowski
son of Joseph V. Sadowski
1950 Lincolnville, Maine USA Photography / Graphic Arts / Video & Film / Construction and other business ventures.Crestwood High School; BS Forestry Michigan State University

Very Good Looking. Lived in Michigan, California, Alaska and now Maine.
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Photo with wine
Tom J. Sadowski, son of Joseph J. Sadowski 1959 Crete, Illinois USA Second Generation Owner, True Value hardware in Chicago "My passion is Homebrewing. I have won many awards over the years for beer and mead. The best being named Mead Maker of the year for 2006. I can say I had the best mead in the world that year." Photo to come.
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