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Yes! We are trying to post all the available back issues of the Toboggan Times but there is trouble! Yes, big trouble. There is only one guy in the office that really knows how to convert these newsletters to a .pdf format and no one gets along with him because he's a great big jerk.. As we find the back issues and learn how to convert them to .pdf format, you will find them here. Meanwhile, please amuse yourself with the seven links that actually work.

If you're thinking that this is a mighty poor offering we must point out that it's not bad considering we had nothing at all on line just a little while ago. The on-line .pdf version is, in a way, better than the printed version because the photo quality really comes through. And, you can print your own hard copy. Try it. The only considerations is that issues after #5 were printed on facing pages so you might have some photos that span across the center folded pages.

A high speed connection will help because the files are quite large. If you need to upload Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf files, you can get it at this link for free: · Adobe ·


Issue / Contents

Issue #1
Lost Issue
Issue #2
Ok, Can't find this one either, sorry.
Issue #3

February 1996: Report on the 6th National Championships of 1996; Bib Injuries, Rule changes proposed.

Issue #4

January 1997: Pre-race issue out before the 7th US Nationals; Race Prep, Toboggan Theories, Etymology of Toboggan.

March 1997: Bent Rule Award; 7th Us Nationals Toboggan Championship held 1997; Bib Safety. PDF file size = 530Kb

Issue #6

March 1998; Report on the 8th Annual Toboggan Nationals of 1998; High school toboggan project. It appears that this issue is incomplete in our files. If we ever get it together, we will post it.

Issue #7

March 1999: Have no idea what happened to this issue. Anyone?

Issue #8

March 2000: Features "The Fridge" A toboggan chute in Oakland County, Michigan; Report on the 10th Annual us Toboggan Nationals of 2000. A great issue but it just won't convert to a PDF -yet

Issue #9

March 2001: Report on 11th Annual US National Toboggan Championships of 2001; local stories. Sorry no .pdf yet.

December 2002: Features Tobogganing Toronto; Report on 12th Annual Toboggan Nationals of 2002; Toboggan Limerick Contest.
PDF file size = 4.25Mb

December 2003: Report of the 13th Annual Toboggan Nationals of 2003; report on toboggan limerick contest; A Rookie's Scoop from the Camden Snow Bowl. PDF file size = 1.82Mb

December 2004: Report on big changes happening at the Camden Snow Bowl toboggan chute. Story about LL Bean toboggans; covers the 14th Annual Toboggan Nationals of 2004. PDF file size = 4.8Mb

Issue #13

December 2005: Reports on the 15th Annual National Toboggan Championships of 2005. Haven't turned this into a .pdf because some of the issue was pasted up the old fashion way -with glue. Will post when this technical hurdle is overcome. Sorry.

February 2006; This was actually a limited edition meant only to scare up potential advertisers. It showed various ad sizes and costs. We had some interest but no one to follow up and get the ads and take the money. Some business we run here! Actually the guidelines are still good and if you really, really want to run an ad with us, we will take the money.
PDF file size = 385Kb

January 2007: Reports on the 2006 Toboggan Nationals and features a story on the Lake Placid toboggan chute. For some odd reason, there is no problem generating a .pdf for this issue. Go figure. (PDF file size =10.16 Megabytes -a large file so if you are a dial-up sort of user, so sorry. We are working on a low-resolution version. Not really.)

January 2008: Report on the 17th Annual Toboggan Nationals of 2007; Toboggan Times Web site Launch; Summertime Toboggan Action, Elvis invasion.
PDF file size = 6.84 Mb

Issue #17

Not yet issued.

Issue #18

Just a dream.

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