Welcome To The World Wide Toboggan Chute Registry

We can hear your cries: “Finally! A world wide toboggan chute registry that will help us find where all the toboggan chutes have been hidden”.
Ok, you're a little early -the register is coming along but we've registered only a few toboggan chutes.

If your community has a toboggan chute, please e-mail the editor with all of the important information such as location, who runs it, hours and days of operation, how much it costs and all of the technical specs you can come up with and we will put it on the register. At least tell us who to contact to get the information. We will even register chutes that don't exist any more if you have good proof that it once did exist.

So joint the fun folks and register those chutes. Yes, we know it's silly but it hasn't been done before and it seems more civilized than a lot of other things on the internet.

Camden Toboggan Chute