"OK. I am not on a mission of any kind with this toboggan thing." ....Tom Sadowski

Anyway I really dislike the term "Mission Statement" because it implies that you are on a mission.
And that automatically makes you what? A missionary, that's what.
There is just so much baggage associated with the term missionary that I think we would all do better to avoid it.

That said, here is the closest statement the newsletter has to what we are all about,
variations of which have been published in the newsletter since its inception:

Toboggan Times is published oh, every so often, maybe twice a year, maybe just
once, by Local Yokels, a division of Yokels International and is dedicated to
maintaining a certain mix of serious racing fervor, a disdain for competitive sports,
a rational view of the world and of course, an affinity for the bizarre, absurd, and
amusing behavior of humans.
Subscriptions are not really available. It's all we've got to get this piece
out let alone maintain a mailing list and keep track of who has
or hasn't paid. If you send us some money, you might get a copy. Or maybe not.
Show up at the Nationals, find me, and ask for a copy of the most recent issue.
That's how circulation works; but now of course, we have the Web.
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Yokels International Publisher and Editor: Tom Sadowski
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Sometimes Contributors: Tim Lawrence, Lorraine Naga
Write to us at 246 Main Street, Lincolnville, Maine 04849-9759. Don't try to call
us and we won't try to call you. Better yet, E-Mail Tom Sadowski at:

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