So there is more...

Truth be told, I'm really not that excited about tobogganing. I actually like skiing better if I had to pick a sport but as a rule, I am just not too excited by any sport. What I needed was an outlet for my writing and photography. A publisher for my work would have been perfect -or a blog - but there were no blogs in the mid 1990's and you had to be really qualified or really hustle to get a publisher. I had to invent something. Along came tobogganing.

A few people in Camden, Maine decided to organize a race on the local toboggan chute. They called it the "US Toboggan Nationals" and then they stood back to see if anyone objected. No one did! Suddenly we had a national championship sporting event right in our back yard and what was better than that was that anyone could compete. Of course you had to get your registration and fee in on time and you had to be able to get to the top of the chute but aside from that everyone who ever dreamed of competing in a sports event on a national level could qualify.
Even those that never had a dream could qualify. Word got around and we had kids, drunks, scientists, soldiers, grandfathers and grandmothers all climbing that hill, getting on a toboggan and sometimes bringing home a trophy from the US Nationals. Wow. What a hoot. What a great tong-in-cheek event and all that it needed was a great tong-in-cheek newspaper.

I stepped up with the Toboggan Times. It was funny because it pointed out funny things. Of course not everyone thinks that funny things are funny. People tend to take the fun out of things because their lives are not fun so they just go ahead and take some of your fun to compensate. Gradually, I had to share the fun with so many that there was not much fun left for me. But I still went on because I felt I was still generating fun for some who truly appreciated it.
Every so often though, I get to thinking about what's important. Chances are, I will realize there are more important things to do in January and February of each year and I will drop this like a hot potato when I get my priorities straight.

To find out more about me and what I can do, visit I am a photographer and a writer. I can put a house or a video program together and I am quite good at it. I can be hired to do these things but I have to like the job and you have to like me and my work. Anyway, I think you will like my work. Especially the photography.

A good year to you all.

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