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Devon Dean (left) and Chris Corso from Team "Section 2074" Prep their toboggan bottom on Hosmer Pond for the 2010 Nationals in this endless annoying animation that you can't turn off. Animations like this are usually used in a web site to attract attention to an advertiser, but the Toboggan Times has no sponsor or advertiser at this time willing to pay to annoy you with this technique. The Toboggan Times Online however, is pleased to bring this pox upon you for no apparent reason whatsoever. The team name Section 2074 refers to the Main State Statutes referring to prudent vehicle speed. They won the "Fastest College Team" trophy representing the University of Maine, School of Law..
February 2010
Janis Kay did not compete at the Nationals but she did participate at the Sunday pancake breakfast at the Snow Bowl, one of the many activities taking place during Toboggan Nationals weekend around Camden, Maine. Kay helped sponsor the 4-person team Trinidad and Toboggan who put in a miserable performance in the qualifying runs. "The pancakes are good and no one was injured, this year!" Kay remarked.

Feb. 7, 2010
Team 221, Redneck Racers, skids across Hosmer Pond in one of their runs which helped them claim first place in the 4-Person division. Wearing the number bib at the front of the toboggan is Chuck Bates. 2010 is the first year the team has raced

Redneck Racers
Feb 6, 2010
Wax My Ash, Team #143, a three-man team from Rockport, Maine takes a tumble on Hosmer Pond after their run down the chute. with preliminary runs both over 9 seconds, the team did not qualify for the finals.
Feb 7, 2010
Every 5 years, (actually this is only the second time) a "World Championship" race is held directly after the US Nationals. Every 4-person team that has ever won at the US Nationals is invited to run one time for each Nationals they have won. Best time wins. This year the honor went to team Internal Bleeding (above) from Holden, Maine with a time of 8.760 seconds.
See all wining teams in the Winner's Circle 2010 page.
World Champs 2010 638a
Feb 7, 2009
TEAM #106, The Flying Beer Boys from Lincolnville, Maine with Andy Hazen and crew kick up snow on Hosmer Pond as they come to a stop at the finish of their 3-man qualifying run on Saturday during the 2009 U.S. Toboggan Nationals. The team ultimately placed 8th in the Three-Person division finals.
Feb 7, 2009
Night of the Living Sled, Team #187, from Rockland, Maine comes down the chute and onto the ice in Saturday's preliminary races. The three persons on the team were all "dressed to kill" sporting blood covered zombie suits and gut-spilling gashes. Not known for speed, the zombies did not qualify for the finals primarily because they used a Snow Bowl toboggan.
Feb 8, 2009
New style team tags on a lanyard (left) were issued for the 2009 Nationals. Vince Bemis (right) with the<strong> Fat Bloated Idiots</strong> shows off his green bracelet that race participants get only after signing a waiver at registration. 2009 was the first year this requirement was implemented. Bemis liked the new numbers issued to the contestant in lieu of the numbered bibs worn in the past but he took issue with the practice that the bracelets had to be put on by race officials and could not just be mailed to the teams. In general the team tags were well received but the bracelets were not.
TeamTag    Bracelet
Feb 7, 2009
Three-Person division team #167 The Brothers Grimm from Nashua NH take a tumble onto Hosmer Pond after their first preliminary runs down the chute on Saturday. They scored 8.98 seconds on this run but in spite of their showmanship, never made it to the finals.
Feb. 8 2009
Wonder Sled, Team #333 won the award for best costume. Team members from left to right are Gabrielle Rious, Erin Herbig Povec, Josh Povec and Kevin Herbig.

Christmas by the Sea celebrations take place each december in downtown Camden, Maine. The 2008 festivities featured a parade where one of the floats promoted the Camden Snow Bowl and the National Toboggan Championships.

Christmas Parade
Sled #172 “Big Test Icicles” from Southwest Harbor, Maine. This was a 3-person team that progressively lost one “Big Test Icicle” after another along the bumpy run-out onto Hosmer Pond after their run on the chute during the 2008 U.S. Toboggan Nationals.
Big Test Icicles
Are you wondering who won the toboggan at the 2008 National Toboggan Championships? Mark Siegenthaler (Right) won the 1st place prize, a hand crafted toboggan, in the 2008 Jaret & Cohn Real Estate Winter Toboggan Raffle. Proceeds to benefit Midcoast Habitat for Humanity. Agents left to right are Jackie Case-Hall, Bridget Palmer, Sandy Ellsworth,and Nancy Hughes (all of Jaret & Cohn Real Estate) and Mark Siegenthaler of Camden, winner of the Toboggan Raffle.

Although there is no award for the most colorful team at the National Toboggan Championships, the Connecticut Crazies would have easily taken 1st place. Crazies pictured are Jay Hess, Wallinford, CT, Tony and Sherry Anonio, North Haven, CT, and Kim Hess from Wallingford, on right.
CT Crazies
During the 2004 U. S. National Toboggan Championships, The same team that dressed as Sponge Bob and Squidward the year before showed up as the Cat In The Hat along with Thing One and Thing Two.
Thing 2 is Sue Zdanowicz of Branford, CT, Thing 1 (mid-toboggan) is Kim Hess who with Jay Hess, the Cat in the Hat, is from Wallingford, CT.
Sponge Bob Square Pants (Kim Hess) and Squidward (Jay Hess, both from Wallingford, CT) slide down the chute during the 2003 U. S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, Maine.
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