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Archived 12/23/2008
Notes: Original Welcome article to the website

Greetings Tobogganists!

and Welcome to Our New Web Site

     For years the Toboggan Times has been telling you that a web page is coming, and you fell for it! No, seriously, like what the road to hell is paved with, we were full of good intentions. We really wanted to get all of this great toboggan related material out on the web. But when the time came to actually produce a web page, we found that our skills at producing the printed page didn't translate to publishing on the web. We discovered we would have to hire a web designer to make it happen. But as all of our regular readers know, we are just too cheap to hire anybody for something as trivial (in the great scheme of things) as the Toboggan Times. So we borrowed some books on HTML and we found the process cumbersome. Where is the satisfaction of banging out code just to make pages that didn't even look like anything we had in mind?
     Aside from being penny pinchers, we are a bit of a lazy lot. Producing issues on paper was just so much easier, and exact, than putting anything up on the Web. But it was becoming more expensive. As our circulation grew, printing costs became excessive. A big philosophical debate ensued. Were we frugal more than lazy, or more lazy than frugal? It turns out money speaks louder that lethargy. For a pittance per reader, we could get that ever important toboggan news out to everyone who might have an interest. The biggest drawback we encountered is that even though most hard core tobogganists can read, many still do not have a broadband hookup to their cabin. Some complain that you can't take a web page to the outhouse the way you can a hard paper copy of the Toboggan Times. To those readers, we apologize but times change as does the Toboggan Times.
     Still, we were too cheap to hire a web designer and not glib enough to convince one to work for free. So here it is, the Toboggan Times Web Page: crude and rude and full of inefficient code straight from the early days of HTML when a kid could still cobble together a site from bits of code he found just laying around in his sand box.
     So read it and weep and don't fall asleep. At least it's cheap. And it requires no upkeep, on your part, even though in code, we are knee-deep. Ample rewards we plan to reap, when one of you up will leap, and explain how we can make any money with this heap.

     Geez it's late.

More will be coming. But first this must get posted because we promised it would be up on the web by March 1, 2008 -and here it is. Now it's time to take a break and then we will come back and fix things. That's how we do things in Maine.

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