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Archived 02/12/2010
Notes: From 2009 Issue

New web site additions for 2009

In this latest revamp of the Toboggan Times web site, we have added more back issues of the Toboggan Times which are available in Adobe PDF format for your viewing pleasure. Since a number of people have reported to the editor that previous issues of the Toboggan Times were a great source of fire starter material for their wood stoves, we would like to invite you at this time to print out all of the back issues you want for this purpose. Just be aware that most of the files are in excess of 4 megabytes so you might want to start downloading when you go to bed because that dial-up connection you have in your cabin will be taking its time. And of course you have to allow time to print the issues before they’ll be ready to make that morning fire.

Brand new is our Latest News page which provides links to many of the most and least important toboggan related news stories on the web today. Just as important, these stories are screened to make sure they are truly toboggan related and not just stories using the word toboggan in a vulgar manner.
There are a surprising number of robberies committed in the Midwest US where the perpetrators wear a hat known locally as a toboggan. These stories are laden with descriptions of shady characters in black toboggans. One story describes a individual chasing a victim who managed to escape because the villain “stopped long enough to grab his toboggan”.
On our Latest News page you will find very few links to stories about hats. We even try to minimize reports about steel runner sleds or plastic snow toys which some people think are toboggans.
Check out our new Winner's Circle Page which has the photos of all the winning teams from the Toboggan Nationals and of course, the complete race results are all accessible from our Toboggan Nationals Race Results index page.

As we continue to expand our toboggan-centric work we wonder why. Are we really that interested in Toboggans or did we just fall into reporting on an aspect of winter life that no one else took any notice? It is easy to bask in the idea that your writing is original and creative and important to people when you haven’t a clue otherwise. If someone wants to weigh in with an opinion on this phenomena please write the editor. If we publish it, it’ll just be that much less to write in the next issue. A win-win situation in the news business.

Meanwhile, the chutes and slopes are calling.

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