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2011 US National Toboggan Championship Edition

The Toboggan Times Presents:

New On-Line Discussion Group To Ponder Toboggan Issues
March, 2011

Every winter, around the time of the Toboggan Nationals, it seems that everyone wants to discuss some toboggan issue. Discussions about toboggan building, toboggan racing and recycling slow toboggans are constantly rekindled but up until now, there hasn’t been a proper place to air your theories, state your concerns or vent your emotions to people who might be even vaguely interested.

Welcome to the Toboggan Discussion Forum on Google Groups. This is an on-line bulletin board where you can post a comment on a new topic, respond to a post on an existing topic or even post a response to a comment you posted earlier which is sort of like talking to yourself but tobogganers tend to do that so this is a perfect forum for us all.

To get started, you can go right to the Toboggan Times Google Group at this link:

If you do not have a Google Account you will be asked to open one before you are able to access the forums but doing that is a lot less intrusive than starting a FaceBook page. Bookmark the forum once you get there if you are planning to spend a lot of time discussing bottom waxing or race strategy.

Here you can click on any of the topics and read any comments that others have posted about the topics. If you wish to start your own topic or post a comment or reply about an existing topic, you will have to sign in. You can sign in with an existing Google account or you can follow the screen instructions and create a new account. All of this is free, but you may have to give up some information like your e-mail address to get this account.

By the way, once you have a Google account you can sign into any of a number of Google services like You Tube and Gmail with this same account.

Once you sign in with your Google account, you will be asked for a screen name and your preference about how much e-mail you want Google Groups to send you (you may select no e-mail or at the other end of the choice spectrum, you choose to get an e-mail every time something is posted). Get through this and are an official member of the Toboggan Times Google Discussion Group.

At this point, you can respond to existing posts, start new topics, view the members list, and manage your group settings which are quite detailed if you wish to go there. Posting at the Toboggan Times Group is anonymous with only your screen name (nickname) showing.

Don’t be shy, join the group and post away. It’s no use having a discussion group if no one discusses anything.

Finally, please keep the discussions civil, polite and focused on toboggan related subjects. Any posts deemed as non-relevant, hurtful, uncivil, vulgar or just plain rude, will be deleted.

To learn more about Google Groups in general, go to:
4 Wingnuts Retake Top Spot at 21st Annual Toboggan Championships

Three year wait pays off

Royal Dutch National Toboggan Team Conquer Costume Contest

It was a sweet victory and redemption for Jim Jefferson of Searsmont at the 2011 US Toboggan National Championships at the Camden Snow Bowl. Up to this year, Jefferson had earned 8 trophies with teams such as the Wingnuts, Refit Misfits and Bunch of Yahoos but his teams were completely left out of the 2010 winner’s circle.

Click here for full text and more photos

Four Wingnuts Team #287, The Four Wingnuts carry their toboggan off the Hosmer Pond ice on their way to taking first place in the 4 Person division at the 21st US Toboggan Nationals. From left, carrying the sled is Randy Whisler and Graham Mackay. Following is Rob Stevens. Heading up the team on right is Jim Jefferson of Searsport, Maine.
Toboggan Championship vs. Super Bowl
By Tom Sadowski

Did you feel the righteous anger, the indignation, the belittlement when you heard that the 2011 US National Toboggan Championships were set back a week because of the Super Bowl? I know I did.

I had several arguments to present to the masses at the Nationals hoping to stir up protests and topple the monocratic toboggan committee dictatorship, Egyptian style, from kowtowing to the schedule of the NFL.

Click here for full text and more photos of the costumes at the 2011 Nationals

175Web This was the first year that race results were available in real time on-line. They were also displayed in the Camden Snow Bowl Lodge on a large screen.

Redneck Racers

Jim Tyler sits forward as Team #112, Flying Beer Boys, runs out of the chute. After 18 years of trying, the team from Andrew's Brewing Company in Lincolnville, Maine finally took home a trophy for third place in the 3-Person division.
2-12-003 Leigh Spoon and Adam Blake of team #124, The Blazing Beavers, balk at the paperwork they are attempting to complete to complete registration for the championships. The 3 Person division team is from Boston and MIT. Spoon commented that only 1st place was acceptable. The team placed 94th in the preliminary races and did not qualify for the finals. Too Bad. Click Here to View the 2011 US Nationals Toboggan Championships Winners' Circle

360 Degree Spherical Interactive Panoramas From the Toboggan Nationals
Chute View 2010 Vendor Area 2011

US National Toboggan Championship 2010 1 in USA

US National Toboggan Championships 2011 Vendor Area in USA
Check out the cool interactive panorama of the 2010 US Toboggan Championship by clicking on the image above.(You might have to "allow blocked content" for this image if your browser blocks the script it takes to run it. Check the top of the web page in Internet Explorer to see if there is a notice that the web page was restricted from running scripts.) After it loads, use your mouse to look around: click on the photo and drag in the direction you wish to view. You can also zoom in and out with the on-screen controls.
A note for Apple and Safari users: The panoramas require Flash to play within this web site. Click on the links below the panoramas to take you to if you are not able to view the panoramas here.
In 2011 we made the above panorama of the food vendor area near the toboggan chute. If you zoom in past the vendors you will be able to see Hosmer Pond and some of the development that materializes there over the weekend. Opposite, and across the parking lot from the food vendors is part of the “Paradise parking” where teams pay a premium for coveted weekend parking spots. To get the full effect, view this 360 Panorama on the 360Cities web site by Clicking Here.

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