2009 U.S. Toboggan National Champions

4-Person Division, 1st Place, 2009
4 man 1st
Internal Bleeding, Team #205 took 1st place in the 4-Person division. From left to right are Steve Huff, Tracy Smith, Tyler Smith holding the trophy and Kelly Smith on right. The team was registered showing Holden, Maine as their hometown.
4-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2009
4man 2nd
2nd place in the 4-Person division was won by Weekend Plans, Team #246 from Hooksett, NH. The team was composed of Josh Small, Justin Bourke, Rich Gilley and Rob Morse.

Internal Bleeding
Team #205 Internal Bleeding in the middle of their 9.00 second run that won them 1st place in the 4 person division
4-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2009
4 man 3rd
3rd Place, 4 Man division was taken by Team #209, Not All There. True to their name, they were not all there at the awards ceremony in the Camden Snow Bowl Lodge. Team members were listed as Jim Jefferson (on left) and then in no particular order which may or may not refer to the people in the photo, Cordelia Dawson, Graham Milkay and Randy Whisler.
3-Person Division, 1st Place, 2009
3 man 1st
The Smitherines, Team #190, took 1st place in the Three-Person division. In the red Jacket on the left is Tracy Smith, then Tyler Smith and Kelly Smith on right. Tyler and Kelly are from Kansas City, Kansas. Tracy lives in Orington, Maine. "We had the right sled" was the reason they gave for winning.
3 man 1st
3-Person division Team #190, The Smitherines, from Holden, Maine, take their final run earning them 1st place at the Nationals in their division. 02/08/2009
3-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2009
3 man 2nd
Medical Miriacles Team #103 Took 2nd place in the 3 Person event. Left to right, are Steven Huff, Rich Beauchesne and Josh Campbell.

3-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2009
3 man 3rd
Third place winners in the Three-Person event is Team # 105 from Fairfield, Maine, Cracker My Ash. Left to right are Breanna McCluskey, Mark McCluskey and Bob MacFarland. Last year they took 1st in the three and two person divisions and they plan to be back next year to reclaim the title. They blame the warm temperature for their slipping in the ranks because the sled they were using was designed to run on cold ice.
2-Person Division, 1st Place, 2009
2 man 1stThe Fast Ash Lugers, team #29 from Waterville, Maine, took 1st place in the 2-Person Division. Left to right are Breanna McCluskey and Mark McCluskey. They report being very happy with the results and plan to return in 2010.
2-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2009
2 man 2nd
Iron Factory, Team #33 took 2nd place in the 2-Person Division.On the team were Justin Bourke and Mike Beauchesne.

Jim Jefferson holds onto his hat as the Two Wingnuts Team #16 finishes their 2nd finals run with a time of 9.16 seconds, good enough to earn them third place in the 2-Person event. 02/08/2009
2-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2009
2 man 3rd
3rd Place, 2-man division wemt to Two Wingnuts, team #16, headed up by Jim Jefferson on the left. Bonita Johnson was listed as the 2nd person who mysteriously was transformed into the bearded gentleman on the right for purposes of accepting the award.
Fastest Kid's Team, 2009
Winners of the Fastest Kid's Team was 4 Neighborhood Kids, Team #350. Might be 3rd or 4th year in a row. In no particular order, team members include Jacob Comey, Sully Nolan, Mike Nichols and Eddie Socker.
Best Costume, 2009
Wonder Sled, Team #333 won the award for best costume. Team members from left to right are Gabrielle Rious, Kevin HerbigErin, Josh Povec and Herbig Povec. See other photo at the Toboggan Times home page.

Other Special Awards:

oldest team:
#130 Readin Rockets; average age 69
Pat Doherty (71), Phil Johnson (68), Peter Bergholtz (68)

fastest high school team:
#72 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum; Lawrence High School,
Katie Routhier and Taylor McCluskey

fastest college team:
#295 Half-a Ton of Fun; University of Southern Maine,
Jake Holmes, Pete Courand, Will Bakker, Matt McDermott

Fastest All-Female Team, 2009
Winner of Fastest All Female Team is Team #230 Root Controlers from Camden. Left to right are Melissa Foster, Kim Sampson, Jan Feltus and Charlotte Horvitz.

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