2010 U.S. Toboggan National Champions

4-Person Division, 1st Place, 2010
4 man 1st
Accepting the trophy for 1st place, 4-person division from Left to right are Mark Kelley, Chuck Bates, Gary LaPerriere and Marc Desrochers. The Redneck Racers, team #221 From the Hollis, Maine area has never competed before at the US Nationals.

4-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2010
4man 2nd
2nd place in the 4-Person division was won by Quatro Dermis, Team #222 from Holden, Maine. Tracy Smith on left, then Steve Huff, Josh Campbell (holding award) and Mark Purvis.

Internal Bleeding
Team #225 Internal Bleeding in the middle of their 8.746 run that helped them win 3rd place in the 4 person division. They missed 2nd place by 5 thousandths of a second.
4-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2010
4 man 3rd
3rd Place, 4-person division was taken by Team #225, Internal Bleeding. Team members left to right are Steve Huff, Kelly Smith, Tyler Smith and Tracy Smith. The team is registeredfrom Holden, Maine. In 2009 they placed 1st in this division.
3-Person Division, 1st Place, 2010
3 man 1st
The 2010 1st Place, 3-person division winner is Team 115, Medical Miracles with Steve Huff, Josh Campbell and Mark Purvis (left to Right). This same team took 2nd place in the 3-person division last year. Team #115 is registered out of Holden, Maine.
3 man 1st
3-Person Team Medical Miracles (#115 from Holden, Maine) race down the track in one of their runs in the finals. Medical Miracles placed 1st in the 3-Person division at the 2010 US Nationals. Josh Campbell is in the front.
3-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2010
3 man 2nd
Throbbin Boggin 3, a Camden, Maine Team (#145) took 2nd place in the 3-person event.
3-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2010
3 man 3rd
Third place winners in the Three-Person event is Team #116, Half Ton Minus One registered from Bar Harbor, Maine.
2-Person Division, 1st Place, 2010
2 man 1stKelly Smith and Tyler Smith with Team #4, Kansas City Connection, walked away with first place in the 2-person division with a combined time of 17.456 seconds. This was 0.163 seconds ahead of the second place finishers, a very comfortable lead for 1st place.

2-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2010
2 man 2nd
Rat Rod Slider, TEam # 37 from Millsboro, Deleware was awarded second place in the 2-person division

Jeff Kuller, General Manager of the Camden Snow Bowl addresses the crowd at the Awards ceremony in the Snow Bowl lodge.
2-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2010
2 man 3rd
Team #59, Valley Kingdom Shooters from Waitsfield, Vermont took home the honor of third place, 2-person division.
The Awards Ceremony, 2010
Toboggan Nationals participants await the presentation of awards at the Camden Snow Bowl lodge.
Best Costume, 2010
The Royal Dutch National Toboggan Team (#254), won the Best Costume award for the 2010 races. Team members are Robbie Pesch, Jacques Verest (team captain with the number bib), Rob Vrolijk and Oscar Verest with the trophy.

Other Special Awards:

Fastest All Female Team:
Chute to Thrill

oldest team:
#280, Cy's Gang, from Northport, Maine with an average age of 73 years.

fastest high school team:
#72 C-School You Later from the Community School

fastest college team:
Section 2074, University of Maine, School of Law

Children's Teams:
First Place: Triple Threat
Second Place: MC Squared
Third Place: Chickawaukee Chatterboxes

World Champions, 2010
Kelley Smith, Tracy Smith, Tyler Smith and Steve Huff of the team Internal Bleeding took the title of "World Champs" in a series of races held after the Nationals where only 1st place winners from the past 20 years were invited to race. In 2005 at the 15th US Toboggan Nationals, the Big Kahoonas took the World Chamionship honor. (See issue #13 of the Toboggan Times).

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