2011 U.S. Toboggan National Champions

4-Person Division, 1st Place, 2011: Four Wingnuts
4 man 1st
Awarded 1st Place in the 4 Person Division was the Four Wingnuts, Team # 287. Jim Jefferson, right, heads up the team. Holding the trophy is Rob Stevens. Graham Milkay and Randy Whisler were the other two people on the team.

4-Person Division, Tied for 2nd Place, 2011: Weekend Plans
4man 2nd
Tied for 2nd Place, 4 Person division is Team#331 Weekend Plans from Cambridge, Massachucetts. On the team and hopefully, pictured above in no paricular order are Josh Small, Rob Morse, Jeremy Brokaw and Bryant Smith. (Tied for the same position is Team #290 Not All There). Weekend Plans took 2nd place in the 4 person Division in 2009. .

Internal Bleeding
Team # 290, Not All There, appears to be all there as they zoom into 2nd place in the 4-Person Division. Jim Jefferson, at the back of the sled also took first place in the same division with his Four Wingnuts team (#287).The remaining team members layered on top of Jefferson from bottom up are Matt Pelletier, Cordelia Dawson and Randy Whisler, wearing the team number.

4-Person Division, Tied for 2nd Place, 2011: Not All There
4 man 3rd
Tied for Second Place in the 4 Person Division was Not All There, Team # 290. Holding the trophy is Rob Stevens -who wasn't even on the team. In the middle is Jim Jefferson who heads up the team. Both try to explain to host Jeff Kuller, Camden Snow Bowl General Manager, why the other members of the team (Cordelia Dawson, Graham Milkay and Randy Whisler) are not all there at the awards ceremony.
3-Person Division, 1st Place, 2011: Cracker My Ash
3 man 1st
The 2011 1st Place, 3-person division winner is Team #118, Cracker My Ash, a veteran of many championships. Pictured from left is Rich Perschker, Bob McFarland, and Mark McCluskey. In 2009, the team took third place in the 3-Person Division but didn't place in the 2010 race.
3 man 1st
Team #118, Cracker My Ash, takes the lead in the 3-Person Division as they roll out of the chute with a time of 8.82 Seconds.
3-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2011: Medical Miracles
3 man 2nd
Medical Miracles, 2-Person Team #174, completes their 2nd finals run in 8.86 seconds. The team finished 3 thousanths of a second behind First Place with a combined time of 17.69 seconds.
3-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2011: Flying Beer Boys
3 man 3rd
Third place winners in the Three-Person event is Team #112 Flying Beer Boys. Andy Hazen, right with trophy, beams because his teams from Lincolnville, Maine have been trying for 18 years to get to the winner's circle. Standing on left is Ben Hazen with Jim Tyler at center.
2-Person Division, 1st Place, 2011: Iron Factory
2 man 1st With a combined time of 17.71 seconds, Team #81, Iron Factory took First Place in the 2-Person Division. Registered in Derry, New Hampshire, is Mike Beauchesne ( with Trophy) and teammate Justin Bourke. The same gentlemen took 2nd place in the 2 Person Division in 2009.

2 man 3rd
Team #81, Iron Factory, putting the brakes on the Hobbs Pond ice. They took the trophy for First Place in the 2-Person division.

2-Person Division, 2nd Place, 2011: Super Fast Ash Lugers
2 man 2nd
The Super Fast Ash Lugers, Team #67 took 2nd Place in the 2-Person Division. Bob MacFarland and Mark McCluskey, holding the trophy, make up the Waterville, Maine team. In 2009 McCluskey took 3rd Place in the 3-Person Division and 1st Place in the 2-Person Division.

2-Person Division, 3rd Place, 2011: Kansas City Connention
3 man 2nd
Clocking 8.88 seconds in their first run, Kansas City Connection, Team #73, does well enough to qualify for the finals and then take Third Place in the 2-Person division.If the Toboggan Times is not mistaken, that would be Tracy Smith at the front of the sled.

Best in Experimental Class, 2011: Rum Runners
WonderSled The Fastest Team in the Experimental Class was awarded to the Rum Runners, Team #411 based in Thomaston, Maine and associated with Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding. Pictured from left is Jason Kaler, Don Ritchie (holding trophy), Drew Lyman and Mike Unda. Their experimental sled consistantly made the fastest rund of the entire championship.

Fastest High School Team, 2011: Three Neighborhood Kids- the Sequel
2 man 3rd
The Fastest High School Team trophy was awarded to Team #166, Three Neighborhood Kids, the sequal. Pictured from Left is Jacob Corney, Eddie Socker and Michael Nichols. Socker and Corney attend Camden High School while Nichols is a pupil at Belfast High School. (Both local schools.) Apparently the rules do not specify that a high school team must all be from the same high school. The team has won in the Kids division for the last four years with consistantly fast runs. Their 8 foot sled was custom built by Ed Siocker Sr. who claims to have a winning two-part bottom waxing method that makes the difference. They clocked the 5th fastest time of the entire weekend with an 8.75 second qualifying run.
The Awards Ceremony, 2011
Heill Skully from the 3 Person division team Super Adventure Danger League sits down with a large Whoopie Pie to await the start of the awards ceremony at the 2011 Toboggan Nationals. The team comes from Rhode Island. There was no word as to the condition of the team after the pie was consumed but they are, after all, an adventure oriented danger league. There was no award given for Whoopie Pie consumption.
Costume Contest Winner, 2011: Royal Dutch National Toboggan Team
Taking first place for their outrageous costumes was Team #220, the Royal Dutch National Toboggan Team.

Other Special Awards for 2011:

Fastest All Female Team:
Hot Women on Wood, Team #171

Oldest Team:
#233, The Cadavers, with an average age of 81 years.

Fastest College Team:
Half a Ton of Fun, Team #269

Fastest Kids Team, 2011: The Returning Champions
Fastest Kid's Team: #360 The Returning Champions from Rockport, Maine took the award with their 18th place in the 4-Person Division. Left to right are: Benjamin Winchenbach, Max Horovitz (with Award), David Flint, Kyle Winchenbach.

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