Comments and explanations on the Lincolnville Town Seal submitted

June 8, 2000 for the Lincolnville Town Seal Contest by Tom Sadowski



Element†††††† †††††††††††Meaning


Green Triangle†††††††††††Represents the forests and fertile soil of Lincolnville; the first side of the triangle represents the Atlantic Ocean, the second side: Camden, Hope, Searsmont and Northport and the third side: Belmont. The triangle also suggests mountains and pine trees and the compass pointing north, or south, depending on your point of view.


Yellow Triangle††††††††††The yellow triangle is a symbolic yield sign. Lincolnville does a lot of yielding. Farming yields to rocky soil, the town yield to the chicken industry for a time, children yield to toxic mold, tourist yield to the beach and God knows, we all do a lot of yielding at Petunia Pump.


Coat Sleeve†††††††††††††††Itís cold here every winter, so you better bundle up but letís not get too fashionable about it. Any old overcoat will do, really.


The OK sign††††††††††††††This is a complex symbol that signifies, before all else, how much disposable income the average citizen has. The three extended fingers is sometimes thought to indicate how many junk automobiles are parked in your yard or on the other hand, how many business properties you might own in the New York Metropolitan area. Because itís the right hand, it figures that most Lincolnville residents political feelings lie right of center, but because itís not in the shape of a fist, not too far right of center.


Just Right†††††††††††††††††††A lot of things are just right about Lincolnville. Most things are just right down the road. When you go to the post office at the center it will usually be closed for lunch unless you time it just right. Then just right when you think youíre getting ahead, you get hit with that tax notice from the town office. And finally, the Strawberry festival is the one place in Maine that you can get a decent strawberry shortcake thatís done up just right.


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