Lincolnville Town Seal Design Contest
·Entries Designed by Tom Sadowski·

In the year 2000, when Lincolnville, Maine was preparing to celebrate its bicentennial, the town decided to hold a contest for a new official town seal. Time passed. No one entered anything.
So as an incentive to get real artists to enter sincere designs for a really fabulous town seal, I designed and submitted the logos below over a period of 12 months. Yes, they were a lark at first, but later I realized that the people of Lincolnville would really stand out as creative and progressive with a good sense of humor if they adopted one of these irreverent, yet truthful seals. I thought that one of these would look great on the side of the Lincolnville police car.
No other entries were submitted. The judges and town officials got very nervous and somehow, after the deadline for submissions passed, another, more conservative design was admitted and won the contest.

Not Fancy


"Not Fancy, But It's Home"

A reflection of our community character with particular attention to architectural details.
Submitted March 12, 2000

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Not Complicated


"Not A Complicated Community"

The rising sun illuminates a concise summary of Lincolnville's three great sectors.
Submitted May 11, 2000

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Just Right


"Lincolnville, Maine: Just Right!"

This particular town seal is loaded with symbolism
Submitted June 8, 2000

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Beyond Hope


"A Little Bit Beyond Hope"

Hope and Liberty, as you might know, are small towns adjacent to Lincolnville. This was most popular. Tee shirts and mugs were produced for the bicentennial.
Submitted July 11, 2000

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Love Capital


"Love Capitol of Maine"

Well, for some of us.

Submitted August 10, 2000

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His Own Drum


"Each To The Beat Of His Own Drum"

This is the essence of Lincolnville. If you don't believe it, come to a party here and start talking politics.
Submitted September 14, 2000

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Just like the elements of this town seal, Lincolnville is steeped in tradition.
It's a joke! There is nothing traditional about any of the elements in this town seal. I am really tired of explaining this.
Do you get it now?
Submitted October 12, 2000

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Stachybotrys is the name of the mold that was found in our school that shut it down for good. We also grow apples, timber and lobsters here.
Submitted November 16, 2000

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"Gateway To Islesboro"

Islesboro is an island just off Lincolnville Beach. The ferry terminal is located in Lincolnville. Of course we're the "Gateway to Islesboro"!
Submitted January 11, 2001

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Thumbs Up


"Thumbs Up For The Uncommon Man"

This is Don "Duke" Heald. If you want to get a feel for the power of the art here, move to Lincolnville and get to know Don.
Submitted February 8, 2001

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Norton Pond


"Norton Pond, Maine"

This is part of my long term effort to rename Lincolnville. I think Norton Pond, Maine or Peace and Justice, Maine or Tranquility, Maine would roll off the tongue better than Lincolnville. Again, I'm not the most popular guy in town.
Submitted March 8, 2001

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"Classic New England"

This Town Seal was never submitted to the contest because I didn't need to be in the middle of some controversy. It's just very odd to me how white our town and State and New England are. Hey, it's just art. Many conclusions can be drawn and I'm sure someone will see something there that make them think -or just react. Don't hurt your knee.

Not Submitted

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Check out the official town seal that won the contest, and weep:

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