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Check out the new link to my portfolio of 360 degree spherical panoramic photos (or click here).
This fantastic photographic technique allows the viewer to essentially spin the camera with
a click and a drag of the mouse to see the entire scene. The link will take you to
360Cities.net which is an extremely large collection of high quality panoramas from
panoramic photographers all over the world.

If your last name is Sadowski and your first name is Tom or Thomas, Tommy,
Tomek or some variation on Tom, check out the Tom Sadowski Support Group link below.
That might also be a place to start if you are looking for some other Tom Sadowski.


Yes, I know some of the links don't work yet...

Below is a 360 degree spherical image of fishing boats at harbor in Valdez, Alaska that I present here as an introduction to my panoramic photography. Click on the image and then use your mouse to drag right or left, up or down. In this way you can see any angle from the point of view of the camera. You can also zoom in and out. To see more of my panoramas complete with descriptions, go to my author page at the 360Cities website.

Fishing Boats at Harbor in Valdez, Alaska 2 in North America